The “10 Commandments Vol. 2” is an artonomic complicity between the Swiss based artists Frank und Patrik Riklin and Fyooz. The Commandments were created during a live performance in St. Gallen (Switzerland) between 22 June and 1 July 2020 and were brought to Zurich on 9 July 2020. The heavy sandstone blocks were placed under water close to Paradeplatz in Zurich, Switzerland.

Now the art installation must have been removed from Schanzengraben in Zurich by 15 August. Now we are searching for ART-ASYLUM. Please provide your ideas or applications in the form below.

The Ten Commandments Vol. 2 are our corporate DNA. Not written on a sheet of paper, but chiseled. We will always and at all times live up to our new Ten Commandments Vol. 2.

Ideas and applications for the art-asylum



The average person has 50 thoughts per minute. The Fyooz person probably has many more. Fyooz is operationalizing thoughts and feelings into monetizable assets. The things which people think about, like and love are the things which we give our attention to. Until Fyooz, people have given away their attention for free. Now, you can monetize the attention you give to the things you love.


All new inventions can be deemed as insane. When the news leaked that Thomas Edison was developing the first electric light bulb, not everyone was impressed. At Fyooz we’re glad humanity saw the light! Fyooz is questioning the convention that wealth creation through investing is for the privileged few. Fyooz makes investing accessible to everyone. Invest in what you love!


Fyooz is an investment marketplace where people can invest in what they love, allowing humanity and all of its talents to flourish. Break into a new alternative investment concept, where you define the value for what you believe in, where you can gain both emotional and financial benefits. Invest in what you believe.


Fyooz transforms human attention into an economic good with a measurable monetary value that can be traded. The attention you give brings you closer to your heroes. For talents, brands and causes, the attention you give your followers on Fyooz will surprise you. Fyooz as a marketplace brings amazing rewards to those who recognize the power of attention.


The world is experiencing a dramatic revolution, not just digital, but ideological too. Blockchain is a driving force for this change, as are the assets which it enables. Fyooz is a new marketplace for this revolutionary world. Fyooz creates value from the attention which the world gives. Attention is a scarce resource, give it where it is deserved and in so doing, create your new value of your own.


It takes courage to speak your truth. At Fyooz, our truth is that digital assets are the foundation for a new economic order, one which is accessible and open to all of humanity. We believe anyone and anything that commands attention is worth investing in. The Fyooz marketplace enables open access and wealth creation for everyone.


Blockchain and cryptocurrency have endured over a decade of criticism and yet, the technology continues to evolve and break new ground. We can’t yet fully understand the impact, but the discourse already underway points to significant transformation. The tokenization capability of Blockchain allows us to turn almost anything into an investable asset, and Fyooz is the platform with the vision to democratize and make investing in humanity’s passions.


Antagonism is not always conflict but rather a way of moving forward and making changes for the better. At Fyooz, it is our vision to revolutionize, democratize and humanize investment. For the first time ever, Fyooz offers humanity the potential to generate wealth from one of its most natural resources – attention.


To collaborate means to come together, progress together, make
good together…Fyooz is building a future where talents and fans
gain both emotional and financial rewards for collaborating.


The word is experiencing both a digital and social revolution. The
way we work, live and earn is an ever changing process. Fyooz is
a marketplace for the evolving world we now encounter, allowing
humanity to invest in what it loves!

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