Yachty fans buy out his digital token in 21 minutes

Within 21 mins & 41 secs of the token’s debut on Fyooz.io, the much anticipated $YACHTY token has sold out

The token listed today for $15 on the world’s leading social money platform. Buyers bought all of the 25,000 Yachty tokens which were issued on the initial release. This equates to 25% of the total 100,000 tokens.

Lil Yachty commented on his foray into the social money space, “I’m still new and learning about the crypto world, but I can tell you I’m partnering up with some very smart people to give my fans some dope experiences.” 

Owning a Yachty Coin gives fans experiential access that no one else can get. 

Initial benefits of $YACHTY will include: Collectors surprise boxes prepared by his biggest idol, his Mom which contain personal items from Li Yachty’s career & an opportunity for an exclusive 1:1 video event with Lil Yachty to which you can invite your friends, enjoy sound, chat, Q&A and a guarantee of a fun time together. 

$YACHTY is the token of Lil Yachty, the three times Billboard and Grammy nominated artist. Lil Yachty has over 10.7 million listeners on Spotify each month, a loyal fanbase of nearly 10 million on Instagram and 5.5 million on TikTok. Lil Yachty fans are tech natives, thirsty for digital alternatives to anything. With the $YACHTY token, Lil Yachty is boosting the mainstream adoption of digital assets. 

Remo Prinz of Fyooz said today “Todays’ sell out of $YACHTY proves there is growing demand for social money. We are at the forefront of a new type of economic relationship between artists, actors, athletes, gamers and influencers to engage their fans.”