In a strategic move extending his foray into the digital economy, Lil Yachty is collaborating with Nifty Gateway and Fyooz to auction an art collectible titled “YachtyCoin” in a 24h auction beginning Tuesday 15th December at 7pm EST.

Nifty Gateway, from Gemini, is a marketplace where top artists and creators can store digital art and collectibles as Nifties, and make them available for purchase by fans and collectors. Lil Yachty and Fyooz will create a Niftie from the #YachtyCoin token which sold out in record time on the Fyooz marketplace last week.

Fyooz is a social money platform where you can get direct, exclusive, 1:1 access to your favorite artist. Experiential access that you can’t get anywhere else. When fans buy the digital coin of their favourite artist on Fyooz, they gain access to and exclusive participation in activities and events conceived by their favourite artists.

The #YachtyCoin NFT is a ‘first edition’ of this new type of collaboration in the digital economy. Lil Yachty is a visionary in the social money revolution, being the first big-name celebrity to embrace the strong bond that a digital asset can create between a celebrity and a fan. And now with the digitization of the #YachtyCoin, Nifty owners can literally own a piece of digital history in the making.

Remo Prinz, CEO and a co-founder of Fyooz said “People are always seeking new ways to relate and to feel connected. Now with social money, the connection is stronger than ever. We’re really happy to collaborate with Nifty who share our passion to extend the reach for fans and everyday people looking to access crypto and the digital economy”.