Important Listing Information

Because of the many questions on our telegram channel we would like to clarify some points regarding the listing of the FYZ. This is the official information from Fyooz, please don’t pay attention to other rumors.

  • This is NOT a public sale tomorrow at 3pm, but the Exchange Listing.
  • Trading on Bibox starts tomorrow at 3.00 pm CET.
  • Trading on Uniswap will also start tomorrow at 3.00 pm CET +/- 15 min.

The Initial Circulating Supply on Friday, 2020/08/21 will be:

  • 525’000 FYZ from Private Sale 1 and 2
  • 120’000 FYZ from the seed sale

Sufficient additional liquidity will be provided on both Exchanges. The exchange liquidity is required for trading and is always provided in addition to the sold seed/private sale token.