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Developed on the Fyooz platform, CarCoin by WCC (CARS) will be the new standard in the social token and NFT space for anything related to the popular and ever-expanding arena of next level car collectibles. Fyooz is pleased to announce this project in partnership with such an iconic brand. Check out the newly created CarCoin Website

The Fyooz community benefits exclusively from CARS airdops. You better be fast. A first airdrop will take place soon in the Fyooz Circle “The Jury”.

Follow these instructions to enter Fyooz Circles:
👉🏼 www.fyooz.io/Circle




Fyooz brings culture and crypto together to innovate the live digital entertainment industry. Fyooz’s experience NFTs add a new asset class to our creators.

Fyooz gets you the culturally significant NFTs in the world that get you live, digital, exclusive experiences. The only way to get access to our NFTs  is to hold enough $FYZNFT.


Fyooz puts the power and the currency in the hands of the creator. For the first time our creators can add real value through NFTs and their exclusive experiences 

Fyooz gets you live, digital, exclusive NFTs you can’t get anywhere else.

Introducing FYZNFT

Fyooz issues NFTs from the some of the most greatest talent of our generation. To access these exclusive NFTs, $FYZNFT is the token that gets you there!


$FYZNFT grants you access to the most exclusive NFTs.

$FYZ is the governance token of Fyooz, allowing holders to participate in every decision.

Get your Star Tokens to participate in the success of your idols.

Fyooz is listed on the following exchanges. Get your Fyooz Coins and be part of this journey!

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